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Subject: Information Needed

I have Some Questions.

1. Can I park a commercial vehicle in my spot? Ref: A Cab, a Plumbing / Electricians Van

2. Can I have a small dog?

3. Can I solicit all the units for work, Ref: door hangers and flyers?

4. Can I hand out flyers at the clubhouse?

5. How good is the security? Do they speak English?

6. Can I have parties at my buildings pool- with bar-b-ques and children?

7. Can I wash my car in front of my building?

8. How late can i wash/dry clothes?

9. Can I buy all of my friend’s tickets to the shows?

10. How late can i invite my friends over to hang out?

11. Is there a time limit that i can call people into the village at the front gate?

12. How loud can me and my guests play music in my apt and how late?

13. Can we hang out in the parking lot, sit in our cars and play the radio?

14. Can i have a motorcycle and park it in the village in my/guest spot?

15. Can I park a trailer in my/guest spot?

16. Can I have a pet parrot on my patio or in my apt?

17. Can I operate a mail order business from my apt?

18. Can I rent the patio area by the clubhouse pool to throw a party?
a. And if yes, how late can we party?
b. And can I have somebody cater it?
c. And how people can I invite? Is there a guest limit or age limit?
d. Can we serve alcohol?
e. Can we have music- DJ or A Live Band?

19. Can I repair my vehicle in my parking space?
a. change oil
b. do a tune up-spark plugs, oil change, air filter, pressure wash engine

Thank you * Marshall *

* Marshall *

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RE: Help Information Needed * UPDATE* 8/04/2011

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by ADMIN • 89 Posts

* * * * U P D A T E 8/04/2011* * *
Here Is The Reply That We Received From
Patti Lambert, L.C.A.M.
Office Manager
Century Village Pembroke Pines
13460 SW 10th Street Suite 101
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027-1833

Phone: 954-436-5888
Fax: 954-436-3004
E-mail: plambert@tcgmgt.com
} } } } } QUOTE { { { { {
There is a difference between the Association property and Century Village property.
Your questions are random and cover so many different subjects,
They are not the usual questions asked by retired Unit Owners.
However, for information regarding Century Village property and facilities,
You need to contact the administration office at 954-435-6000.

We charge $150.00 to answer condo questionnaires on behalf of Unit Owners & Buyers.
Questionnaires are usually provided by lenders, title companies or attorney offices when someone is purchasing or refinancing a Unit.
The answers to your questions are located within the condominium documents which, you say, you will review tonight.
We usually do not respond to letters from people who do not acknowledge (themselves), the Owner and the Unit they represent.
On behalf any Association, we usually deal with the Unit Owner. . . but again, our response would still be “to consult your documents”.

Unless you provide evidence of ownership we will not be providing further information.
Please advise your sister of this also.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Association, { { { END QUOTE } } }

Well Patti, We Did Identify Ourselves, Mr.Marshall Richards,
1551 sw 135th terr, Ivanhoe G, Century Village® Pembroke Pines, Fl.33027
Mabye You Need Glasses, Or Increase Your Prescription or Adjust Your Medicine
The Questions We Asked Are About Stuff We See Everyday Here In The Village.
REF: Commercial Vehicles Parked Here Overnight ( see the wall of shame )
Kids Sitting In Cars After 1am - Partying And Throwing Garbage ( late nite fast food ) On The Ground.
Late Nite Partys By Our Buildings Pool, Security Shows Up 45 min To 1 Hr. After We Call ?
Not to mention the teenage floater that was found Dead in our pool in 2010 - " D.O.A In Our Pool Today "
Car Alarms Going Off Every Friday & Saturday Night On S.W.16st ~ For the Past Year ! -
Whats Up With That ? ( Ya Gotta See This One - Hello Security - Anybody There ? )
*NOTE* The Pembroke Pines Police Always Responds Within 3 ~ 4 Minutes..Always...Thank You Officers
And In An Medicial Emergency, The Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue 89 Is On The Premises -
1 ~ 3 Minutes Response Time. Excellent Job, It Literally Is Having A Fire Station In Your Backyard
Babies Crying All Hours Of The Night, Dogs Barking After 11pm, Dog Shit On Our Walkways,
People Working On Cars, Door Hangers / Flyers, People Knocking On Our Doors Asking For Work
Or To Join A Religious Group, NON Residents using laundry rooms ?
Hello - Building Directors - Building Floor Captains - Anybody Home ?

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